Friday, October 24, 2014

Mercury Glass Pumpkin Tealights

I have been wanting to try making my own mercury glass.

I had a couple Halloween ideas in mind for them.

I got a can of  Looking Glass paint from Krylon.

I gathered my supplies:

clear glass jars from the thrift shop

painter's tape


Krylon Looking Glass Paint

water bottle

paper towels

I cut shapes from the painter's tape for my pumpkin face and adhered them to the inside of the jar.

This little guy has feet.


Gather your supplies...

Spray the inside of the jars with a light mist of water.

Then spray a light coat of the Krylon Looking Glass paint.

The hard part is waiting 5-10 minutes.

Then blot the water from the inside with the paper towel.

Now spray with a mist of water again and then another coat of paint.

Repeat to achieve the look you want.

Wait and blot the water each time.

If you get unwanted runs, you can rub or wipe them of with the paper towel.

You can see it is beginning to look more opaque.

I did a couple without the pumpkin face as well so I can use them year round.

I wanted a more opaque look on some of those, so I turned some of them upside down and repeated the process on the outside of the glass as well.

Once they were dry, I added tealights to them and tucked them into my fall vignette on the porch.  

You will be seeing more of that soon.

It is hard to photograph them well with the lights inside but the faces do show up nicely.

They add a fun touch to the porch.

I also painted a glass candlestick the same  to use as a base...

What fun!

 Now I am hooked on the Krylon Looking Glass paint and will be hunting for new things to try this on.

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