Thursday, October 23, 2014

Candy Corn Glitter Tealights

  I have this idea for awhile and finally got all the bits and pieces together to get it done.

First I gathered and washed some glass jars and bottles.

I taped off the tops and the middles of each bottle.

Now the fun stuff...glitter and glue...

A shudder from my husband at this point...

He is not a fan of glitter...

Starting with the bottoms I brush the glue on and cover with yellow glitter.  

This yellow glitter hd some texture to it.

Then I glittered the tops with white glitter.

Carefully remove the tape from the center.

I added orange glitter to the middles and sprayed with a light coat of Krylon clear coat to hold everything in place.

I wrapped the tops of each bottle with some twine.

  Then I added lights.

This little frappachino bottle got a strand of rice lights.

And this little jar has a battery operated tea light.

I will show you more of this vignette soon.

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