Sunday, December 27, 2015

Belle Armoire Jewelry Winner....

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas.

It has been unseasonably warm in my part of the world...

Before we know it, it will be wintery I am sure.

The winner of the Belle Armoire Jewelry Winter 2016 issue is....

Andrea Chebeleu!


Leave me a comment, Andrea, and we will get in touch for getting you your issue.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Belle Armoire Jewelry Giveaway

The Winter 2016 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry is one of the best ones yet.

I never fail to find inspiration in each issue.

This one is just as inspiring.

I want to share some of my favorites from this issue.

This wire piece from  Angela Gruenke speaks volumes to me.

Absolutely gorgeous!

The pieces from Carol Dekle-Foss are inspiring.

This is a technique on my to do list for sure.

Cat Kerr is talented and versatile.

She is constantly creating and sharing beautiful new techniques and pieces.

These bangles are something I want to try...

I love the organic look of this necklace from Elizabeth Hodges.

It really draws me in and makes me want to touch this piece...

And these earrings from Andrea Chebeleu?

Gorgeous and inspiring!

And then there are some color drenched pieces that inspire me to break out of my neutrals mode.

These pieces from Cherie FitzSimons-Orr are riveting and bright.

I love them!

Also full of color and possibilities are these pieces from Carol Ognibene Kornievsky.

I adore how they incorporate bright doodles...

 Melinda Barnett is featured in this issue as well.

Her wrapped links are always so beautiful.

Melinda incorporates polymer clay in such an inspiring way in these pieces.

And then there are these wine cork necklaces.

When I read there were going to be wine cork necklaces in this issue, I never pictured anything as fantastic as these creations from Jamie Larson.

These pieces leave me speechless...


I am especially proud of this issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry as it features a few of my pieces as well.

Every time I see my pieces in a magazine, I am transported back to when it was made or I photographed it.

The pieces in the Love Nests article were created this summer.

In the article, I walk you through how to make your own clay stamps.

I made the nest stamp used for these pieces.

The three eggs are symbolic for my family.

The Forest Floor collection is one of my favorites I have made to date.

I love the twisted wire and silk incorporated with all the primitive polymer clay pieces.

The article shares how to do several finishes on the clay pieces as well as how to achieve the very distinct look of the metal shotgun shells and rhinestones.

The faux bone look for Sculpey clay is one of my favorites to produce and then create with.

Back in the gallery are a necklace and bracelet created with silicone molds I made with lavender from my garden this summer.

I love how Stampington and Company photographed these pieces.

So, I think after taking a peek inside with me, you have to agree this issue is worth owning.

You can pick up Belle Armoire Jewelry at many craft retailers and bookstores.

You can also get it directly from Stampington here.

Or if you would like to win a copy of your own, you can right here.

Just leave a comment about which pieces caught your eye and imagination.

I will choose a winner December 26th and announce the winner December 27th here on the blog.

This giveaway is open to continental U.S. residents.

Stampington will send the issue right to your home.

How great is that?

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jingle-Corn Ornaments

Today I share one sweet little ornament...

A Jingle Corn...

Have a great Thursday!

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Turquoise Triple Strand Bracelet

Time for turquoise...

If your birthday is in December, it is your birth stone.

I love turquoise and am always drawn to buying it.

Then I hoard it and am afraid to use it.

Not anymore.

I am starting to use things that bring me joy.

Every day.

For no special reason.

Just because I love it.

I might even keep this one to wear myself.

I love triple strand bracelets...

The layered look with only one clasp...

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Perfect...and Not So Perfect....

So this summer, I spent a morning taking photos.

It is not something I do every day.

Just some days.

Often I will take lots of photos one day and then use them for a dozen posts later.

I was taking pictures of different places outside.

Shifting up and down a few inches to change the look.

Trying to make sure you don't see anything I don't want you to see.

I moved from one area to another.

I always love to take flower photos.

Rudbeckia is a favorite.

As are these African Daisies.

While I was taking the daisy picture, I noticed this little guy.

He is not as perfect.

I would normally shift left or right to find a better picture/specimen.

But then I got to thinking about how a lot of us do that.

Focus on the perfect one.

Glance past the flawed one.

And I decided to take different photos.

Real photos.

Normally I would shift for this one so you could not see the trash cans.

And I would shift left so you would not see the stuff on my work table.

Silly, really.

I am proud of my work table.

It is from a high school science lab.

I love working at it outside.

You can see it has wool sweaters on it here.

Cutting the wool outside keeps all the fuzz and lint out of the house.

And I get to breathe fresh air, listen to the birds and look at my yard.

This little spot serves to camouflage the trash can area.

I stacked the cement blocks to build a little wall. 

 Then I put flower pots and boxes around it to hide the plain cement blocks.

Morning glories climb an old trellis I made from bamboo...

And a few of my rustic mushrooms provide some visual appeal (to me anyway).

Looking back at my work table from the other direction...

Normally I would shoot this at a different angle so you could not see the trash cans.


Most of us have trash cans, right?

Why should I pretend they are not there?

My trash cans don't match.

Do yours?

You can see how I throw two burlap coffee sacks over the fence for photos...

Now you know my behind-the-scenes tricks...

If I turn around, you can see my clothesline.

I love my clothesline.

It is green and natural and my clothes smell so good when I bring them in. 

 I love hanging things up too.

  It is meditative.

Turning the other direction, I show you real again.

See all that grass growing between the cracks in the sidewalk?

I don't like when that happens.

So I would normally angle the camera up, so you would not see.

In front of that round brown shed is my secret garden.

I love the mishmash of plants and herbs and flowers. 

I never have a plan.

  I just plant them.

And seeds blow around and seed themselves...

There is my hypertufa experiment from a few years ago...

My rough birdbath...

This rustic little birdhouse sits outside my round shed.

Normally I would not show you my rain barrels with their peeling paint.

Or my stakes for fairy lanterns that are bare right now.

So today I am sharing some of the not-so-perfect parts of my yard.

Trust me, there are many, many more.

But I wanted to get real today.

Because we all have weeds, and trash cans and things we just have not made perfect yet.

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