Monday, January 12, 2015

Envelopes Made From Newspapers

I got some gift cards for Christmas and bought myself an envelope maker.

I have been wanting one forever.

I admit, there was a learning curve.

This video demonstrates making several different sizes.

I had a little trouble with a couple of them.

I think mostly because I expected the envelope to be perfectly symmetrical.

This is not always true.

It depends on the size of the card.

Once I got the hang of it, it was easy.

I am tickled with the results.

I made several envelopes from newspapers from the recycling bin.

To mail these, glue them closed and use a mailing labels to add the recipient address and return address.

My favorites are the ones made from comics.

  I often have trouble finding envelopes for all the cards I make....

 Sometimes they are an odd size. 

 This board comes pre-printed with the size chart right on it.

I also discovered that this board is super versatile.

If you check You Tube, there are other projects you can make with this envelope punch board such as bows,
tags, tabs and pockets, card boxes,matchboxes and more.

How fun will these be to get?

I am saving the comics to do enough for my valentines.

Thanks for stopping by....

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