Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Primitive Baby Sock Ornament


It is time for another ornament.

This one starts with a baby sock.

You may have some at your house or you can go out and pick up a pack.

First you want to stain it.

I have a tutorial here for staining tags but the principal is the same.

Once they have been stained and are dry, add a few simple embellishments.

I am very fond of stained cheesecloth.

It has a raggy appearance that is both primitive and delicate.

 That is all I did here plus one little rosehip.

A little wire hanger made from heavy steel wire finishes it off.

 The nice thing about these is that you can make a whole mini army of these in just a few hours.

You will actually spend more time waiting for them to dry than you will putting them together.

If you make some this month, they would be sweet for Valentine's day next month or you can save them for Christmas and be ahead of the game.

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