Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let's Make Jersey Yarn from a T-Shirt: A DIY Tutorial

I made some t-shirt yarn this week.

Start with a couple old t-shirts.

The key for this to work is to choose an unprinted t-shirt that has no side seams below the arms of the shirt.

Some people say you can use printed t shirts but I don't like the way the printed t-shirts turn out.

It is better if the printing is above the armpits of the shirt.

Cut the top of the t-shirt off.  

Cut straight across from armpit to armpit.

So far, so good...

Cut the bottom seam off the shirt.

To make it easier, I folded the piece in half so the two folded edges almost match up at the top.

Then I made cuts about an inch wide almost to the top fold.

Make sure cuts do go through the bottom fold but not to the top.

Open it up so the uncut strip lays fairly flat.

Starting about halfway down the area, make a cut from the left to the first slit on the right.

Then you want to cut it so you have one continuous piece.

Essentailly you will make diagonal cuts across the uncut strip.  

Once you are done cutting, you should end up with one long continuous piece.

This next part is my favorite.

Grab and gently pull the strip to get it to curl into a rope or yarn.

Continue stretching and pulling the strip until you have a continuous piece of t-shirt yarn.

The gray shirt came from the thrift store for a dollar.

This blue one was my husbands and had two big holes...

Instead of going into the rag bag, it will become something new.

You could just roll them into a ball.

I had these awesome metal spools  that I got at my favorite surplus store.

I wrapped the yarn on there and they are just waiting for my next project. 

 I have lots of ideas.

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