Monday, July 20, 2015

Every Collection Starts With One... Aprons

My husband's grandmother was the sweetest woman.

Before she died, she gave me one of her aprons.

I never wore it, but it hung in my kitchen at our first house and does the same in our home now.

Soon, it had friends...

And like all sweet souls, they attracted more friends...

And more friends...

And more friends...

And so on...

Each one has a sweet little personality of its own.

I loved the sweet rosebud fabric in this one.

This one was well-loved and I got a kick out of the ruffle along the bottom.

More pretty pink rosebuds...and a pocket.

This one seems like a cocktail party apron.

The sheerness seems impractical, but I loved those birds.

How sweet are they?

This one is extra long to go the whole way around the wearer.


It has the button hole to pass the tie through.

I love the colors, fabric and tiny pockets on this one.

Fun diagonal detailing...

This one reminds me of those old fabric wall calendars.

Fun fabric and rick rack made this one impossible to pass up.

I like polka dots.

And this one has been well-used.

I can imagine what heavy items started to pull the stitching.

Maybe the wearer tucked her hands in there often and that pulled away at the seams.

This one just epitomizes aprons to me...

Great colors and fun strawberries.

It has a few stains that have not come out after repeated washings.

Each stain has a story, a secret I will never know.

The crisp white of this one is lovely.

See those darling blue birds on the pocket?

Almost all my aprons except for the first one and this next one were picked up at flea markets for $1 each.

This red gingham one I bought at a church craft show.

 The lady selling them had not sold any.

I knew it was a gingham friend for Grandma's first orange gingham apron.

I also loved that the woman made aprons...

It seemed so nostalgic.

Most of my collection tie around the waist.

  I have just a couple that have a chest covering.

This one is a child's apron.

The only one in my collection.

I thought this one was a sweetheart...


I could not resist.

And this last one is so practical.

Like any collection, it begins with one.

I have them all hanging on a little hook rack on the side of my fridge.

In the summer I take them all down and wash and hang them on the line.  

I hope you enjoy seeing them today.

What special things do you collect?

Thanks for stopping by....

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