Monday, July 13, 2015

New Chicken Coop

We have had chickens for about 4 years this time around.

We started with 6 chicks.

After a series of unfortunate mishaps, we ended up with 3- 2 hens and a rooster.

Twice we have allowed them to hatch out sets of eggs in the last 4 years.  

Each time, all 10 eggs hatched.  

Each time we kept 2-3 hens and found homes for all the rest.

Our little flock had 7 banty hens and a rooster.

This year we added 2 Araucana chicks.

To accommodate the bigger flock, we added an additional chicken coop. 

We started with an 8 x 10 shed.

Half was dedicated to the birds.

Half was dedicated to storage.

This shelf started as a greenhouse years ago and has been used for chicken supplies for the last several years.

I cut the sides off a burlap sisal sack and used it to drape over the shelves and hide supplies.

The bottom shelf has a tub of straw.

The next shelf up has buckets, dustpans and such.

An old wagon holds galvanized trash cans with chicken food.

Every chicken coop needs a stool to sit on while watching the birds...

If you have your own flock, you know some feeders are better received than others.

This red feeder is a spare because it is not their favorite.

The top shelf is mostly decorative items.

The green basket and galvanized pail hold feathers from the chickens. 

 When find a good one, it gets saved here.

  I use them for projects later.

The blue enamelware pan holds eggs while I refill feeders and such.

There are 2 nesting boxes.

The plastic bins make it very easy to take them out to clean them.

We have added another board for them to fly up on before getting into the boxes since I took the picture.

I love my chicken coop...

We were hoping for two hens...

We think one is a rooster.


Here they are at about 2 months old.

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