Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Workbench Wednesday: Stamping Tin

I am so excited this week to share my newest passion with you: stamping tin.

Now, from the title and the name, you are probably picturing something different than what I am actually doing.

I am melting tin and then stamping it with rubber stamps.

What I get it these amazing pieces.

Some of these are almost paper thin.

It is a learning process to see what rubber stampers work the best.

It depends on what you are hoping for.

These butterfly pieces have a large design with a lot of rubber to displace the tin.

These coins were made from a silicone mold made from a jewelry charm.

These pieces used some of those silicone molds I made a few weeks ago with the botanicals from the yard.

I love the texture of these.

I did a bunch with one of my favorite child face stampers.

I think it is neat how it is sort of an abstract image.

The angle has to be just right to see what it is.

What fun!

I also did some with script stamps.

Some have irregular edges.

I am starting to learn how to control the tin.

Some are more round like coins.

My husband is the key to the success of the process.

The way I created them is a two person process I will share later.

I cannot wait to show you how they look when they are patinaed and used in designs later.

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