Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Somerset Studio and an issue Giveaway...

Are you familiar with Somerset Studio magazine?

It is published by Stampington and Company.

They publish the most craft titles in the industry.

Whatever your artistic interest, they have one (or more ) title for you.

Somerset Studio is a mixed media title.

It contains beautiful photographs of amazing work. 

 The artists are not only talented, but generous. 

 They share the inspiration behind each piece and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of making a piece of your own.

Mixed media has come a long way.

It is my favorite art form.

The layers, materials and textures of the pieces draw me in and make me want to touch every piece.

I am thrilled that my leather cuffs are featured in the Summer 2015 issue (insert squeal of excitement here).

Their photographers are amazing.  

They managed to show all the features in this article that I love best...the colors, textures and details.

The magazine also addresses a business column.

The information in this article is invaluable for artists when they meet their customers.

Each issue features an artist.

This issue showcases Danielle Donaldson.

Her watercolors are so whimsical and light.

I could wallpaper a whole room with her beautiful work.


The issue contains so much more of her work.

This next project is so lovely...

I swear I can feel the texture just from the photographs.

I love art that repurposes books.

Cheryl Fowler really creates something special here.

 Speaking of books....

How amazing is this hand bound book?

It is by Sharon Payne Bolton.

It makes me head for the studio to get started.

If you are like me, you can't get enough of unique journaling ideas.

Hold onto your hat, this journal from Jenny Walker is going to get you looking at journaling in a new way.

Included in each issue are a few sheets of beautiful artisan papers for your to use in your own designs.

I haven't even shown you half of the amazing designs from this issue.

If you cannot find it in any local book or craft stores, you can buy it directly from Stampington and Company here.

Even better, for a  chance to receive your own copy free, leave a comment below about what is your favorite project I have given a sneak peek of.

I will choose a winner next Wednesday and announce the winner Thursday.

Your issue will be delivered to you, right from Stampington.

What are you waiting for?

Thanks for stopping by...

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