Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Polka Dot Cards

I love polka dots.

They can be whimsical and fun.

They can be quiet and understated.

Today we are going with whimsical and fun.

Grab your paper scraps and some paper punches and let's get busy...

I bought some pretty cards that were nubby and polka-dotted on clearance.

I got out some glue, paper punches and rhinestones and had a blast.

I kept mine pretty plain but you could personalize them with birthday wishes or any other sentiment...

Any small punch will work...

What if you don't have polka dot cards?

No worries...

Make your own.

Use a one inch circle punch to punch out circles from scraps.

I eye-balled the placement but you could pencil in a grid if you like things precise.

Then use pop dots to add your shapes.

I used birds here...

And butterflies here.

I love these cards.

They are easy and fun.

I hope you try out  making some as well.

Thanks for stopping by....

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