Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crepe Paper Streamer and Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

You may remember before Christmas I did a couple cinnamon stick ornaments.

This one had a handmade wreath.

And this one had a little bleached bottle brush wreath.

The tutorial for making them is here.

Today I wanted to show you a few I made with crepe paper rosettes.

I must confess...I love rosettes.

When I start making them, I make tons.  

I use some right away and save some for projects down the road.

That is what happened here.

I have an extensive collection of colors.

Seems like that is something that frequently ends up at yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.

I never pass up a roll or two at a good price.

To make mine, I actually hand sew the crepe paper.

I gently pull the thread to gather it and tie it off.

Then I glue the two ends together.

I give mine a spin in some glue and a roll in mica flakes.

I find the easiest way to do this is to place some white glue in a plastic container lid.

I hold the rosette so just the edge gets rolled in the glue.

Then the mica flakes are in another bowl I roll it in.

I find that to be the fastest and easiest way for me.

This crepe paper is actually two toned.

I die cut or punch a shape from vintage sheet music and roll the edges in glue and mica as well.


You can see this one has a mottled look on the sheet music...

One of those cool accidents.

I had these on my front covered porch waiting to be photographed.

We had some windy snow showers.

Apparently the snow blew in on these  and where they got wet, the color bled through from the crepe paper.

It happened to this one too.

This one actually has two different pieces of crepe paper sandwiched together.

I adore the vintage look of these pieces.

I hope you like them too...

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