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Cinnamon Stick Star Ornament Tutorial

I am so excited to be participating in Christmas Craft Lightning, 15 Minute Crafts.

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Today I am sharing this quick and easy Christmas Ornament.

Gather your supplies.

For me, this is not included in the 15 minutes and often takes longer than the actual craft does....

Arrange your cinnamon sticks into a star shape.

I tacked mine at the points with hot glue to hold in place.

Wrap each point with jute and tie it off with a knot.

I wrap and tie mine right from the jute spool and then I only have to trim a bit of the one end.

I used a bleached bottle brush type wreath for one star and a little handmade wreath for the other.

Trim your garland rope to make a wreath.

I had mine use two loops of garland with and inch overlap to wrap around.

Then just hot glue it to the star.

I used two pieces of jute to make a little bow as well and then glued that on.

Cut one more piece of jute to make a hanger loop and you are done.

I love the simplicity of this ornament.

You could make enough for everyone on your gift list in just an evening.

You can't go wrong with naturals for Christmas.

These would also make sweet gift toppers.

I think they would look especially nice on a package wrapped simply with brown kraft paper.

Or even on a brown paper bag folded over.

I actually bleached this wreath out this summer.

I had a pile of them I got on clearance last year after Christmas.

I removed the gold string and red bow and replaced it with a jute one.

I did notice the last time I was shopping at the craft store that you can buy them already bleached.

Some were even dyed a sweet pink.

I picked up a few little trees for an upcoming project.

I don't have my tree up yet, but I have been thinking about it....

Does that count?

Since I don't have my tree up yet, I used a tree outside for the photos....

Maybe this year I should decorate these outside trees...

There are actually about 6 of them...


Probably not.

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