Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Dress Form from Old Chicken Wire...

A couple years ago, I saw some ghostly dresses for the lawn made from chicken wire.

They were enchanting and I was totally smitten.

I have wanted to make some for two years but have been worried about how hard they might be to shape and form.

A couple weeks ago, I was cleaning an area I call "the annex".

It has an old truck camper that I am planning to use as an alternative studio.

It is behind my round two-story shed and has a workbench.

It also has storage things like bricks and rocks and cans with Christmas decor for outside like lights and wreaths and garland.

Under the camper was a roll of chicken wire we removed from the chicken enclosure after the chicks were full grown.

I clipped off a length and started to fold the ends over to make a cylinder.

Then I squeezed and pinched the wire to make my first chicken wire dress form.

I was in love.

I made 2 more from the length of chicken wire I had.

  I turned 3 basic shapes out in about 30 minutes.

Here is one.

Once I made them, I was not sure how to display them.

My brilliant, artistic friend suggested tomato cages...


Two of them  were stacked so the (normally) top ring rests on the ground for stability.

Then the other one is turned over so the 3 prongs/stakes are touching the other tomato cages'  prongs/ stakes.

Then the prongs are bent to lock the cages together.

This one is sort of ghostly.

She is hard to see with the vegetation behind her.

If you look close here, you can see how the chicken wire ends from one side bend over to lock on the wire.

Another photo so you can hopefully see better.

I have not "dressed" her yet.

I am thinking I want them in my flower beds as surprise focals...

This sweet girl is dressed.

I bought two tutus a few years ago at the thrift store.

They have been hanging in my laundry room since then, waiting for inspiration.

I think I found the perfect place for this one.

I wanted to accent the bust line with some flowers.

First I tried gluing them on with hot glue. 

 Not good.

So I pulled them off and glued them to a strip of fabric.

Then I used more short strips to tie it to the dress form. 

 I tied one strip between the flowers.

That worked better and I can remove it when I am feeling like giving her a change...

Then I tied a scarf around her waist.

The tutu has a bottom like a pair of underwear so I just slipped that over the base of the chicken wire dress form.

Then she sits down in the tomato cage and the tutu over the top holds her in place.

And then there is this sweet girl.

She was actually the first one I dressed.

She got a skirt from some sheets I tore in strips this summer.

I just tied a long strip in each hole along the bottom of the form.

Then I tied short ones in between.

She, too rests on a tomatoe cage base. 

 Her skirt is long so she needs a tall base.

I wanted to give her a flower accent too, so I made a little rose from stained cheesecloth.

I glued a piece of lace on the back so it can be tied on or taken off.

Here she is taking a little swing.

I think she would be awesome, hung with fishing line from our curly willow tree. 

 She would look like she's floating and dancing in the breeze.

For the post, I moved her all around.  

Below she is in our wildflower strip.

We planted wildflowers each year for three years in an area where we could not mow.

Every year, it looks a little different.

I love it though.

It takes no upkeep and I pick lots of flowers for the fair and bouquets from here.

I just love these girls.

I could not be happier with how they turned out and how easy they were.

You can tell from the photos that I have not decided on the perfect place for each of them yet.

So they live in my garage right now.  

I am not ready to put them outside permanently and let the elements take their toll.  

Maybe next summer.

I am thinking you may see some more this fall dressed for the season....

Thanks for stopping by...

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