Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Wooden Box Beachy Redo....

I believe this box was in the throw away pile at school.

It had some stains in the wood but I thought it just needed a little makeover.

If you visited our mosaic series, you might remember it from here:

I never did show it to you all finished up.

This was it before the final grouting.

Here it is after.

Do you notice a problem?

One of these things is not like the others....

My daughter noticed right away when I said that to her.

One of the corner shells fell off before I grouted it. 

 So I put it back on. 

 I did not notice the problem until it dried.

Now I am just going to pretend I did that on purpose so it would be easier to lift the top....

The inside and outside of the bottom of the box got a couple coats of Americana Chalkiy Finish paints in Escape and Primitive.

I am loving tan and beachy blues together right now...

The stains are all gone...

Here is the back of the lid.

I added a little Sea poem from a discarded children's poetry book with Americana Decoupage.

Now it's ready to hold treasures.

A pretty good makeover if I do say so myself...

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