Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Ceiling Tin Memo Board for the Dorm...

Early this summer while junking together, my daughter found this ceiling tile.

I bought it for her so she could turn it into a memo board for school.

She has scrubbed it several times with a brass brush to remove the loose paint.

I liked it the way it was but she was determined to add some color to it.

Here is the back...

It is gorgeous too.

Krylon Paint sent us the paint and sealer to complete the project.

We used the Color Master Cover Max Paint and Primer in Sea Glass.

At first she was worried she might have to go buy another can, but as she added her light coats, she liked how it was working.

You can still see some of the flaking paint looks loose.

She scrubbed it several times before painting.

She changed her angle often because there was so much texture to the tin.

I tried to take a picture after each coat.

I believe she did 3-4 light coats and let them dry 10 minutes to an hour between coats.

We set it up an a bucket so the overspray did not get all over the grass.

Once she was satisfied with how it looked ( we actually have some left in the can), she sprayed the whole thing with Krylon Color Master Clear Flat.

She is really liking the whole chalky finish look right now.

I was not sure how it would turn out, but it looks great.

Those loose paint flakes are not even noticeable now...

She took it to school with her and her Dad hung it over her bed. 

 The tile had little holes along the edge where it was originally attached to the ceiling so he just screwed it to the wood wall strip above her bed.

It looks awesome and it should not fall on her in the night....

What a great dorm decor project for my BoHo girl....

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