Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunflowers by the Clothesline...

Every winter I fill the bird feeders with sunflower seeds for the birds.

This is a Win~Win~Win.

The birds get food...Win!

I enjoy watching the birds...Win!

And in the summer, some sunflowers sprout up from forgotten seeds....Win!

All summer I have had a little patch of sunflowers by the clothesline pole. 

They don't get very tall.

But sunflowers are just happy.  

I love to hang clothes on the line and seeing the flowers when I do it, just makes it more joyful.

It's funny too.

Since the sunflowers don't get very tall, when they go to seed, our Banty chickens have a ball.

I am enjoying the last of these happy flowers.

Before we know it, they will be gone and winter will be upon us again.

Not that I am complaining...

I love all the seasons.

Each has its own special gifts...

Like sunflowers in the summer....

Thanks for stopping by....

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