Thursday, September 11, 2014

Got Old Sheets and Coffee Filters? Make this Awesome Shabby Chic Banner...

This sweet banner is made from old sheets, coffee filters and twine.

The coffee filter roses are a cinch to make.

Just dye your filters like I described here.

I used Fuchsia RIT dye and lots of instant coffee granules in the dye bath to get the muted grubby rose color.

Next, loosely fold your coffee filter in half and in half again.

Pinch the pointed end and twist.

Some people staple it at this point, but I find the twisting usually holds well enough.

Each rose takes 7-12 coffee filters.

Lay down one filter as the base.  

Glue 6-8 filters around the edge of the circle.

Finish with one or two in the center.

Now you can add them to a bamboo skewer, your wall, the cover of a book, etc.

For this banner, I glued 2 roses back to back with twine sandwiched between.

I used three different twin sheets from the thrift store.

Two were floral patterned and one was the palest blue.

The sheets were ripped into strips.

Then a pulled off the loose threads.

And I cut them the desired length.

For these, they were about 8-10 inches long.

I just tied them to the twine while watching TV.

I love how it turned out...

I am not sure where it will end up.

Maybe in the studio...

Maybe as a gift...

For this post, I clipped it to the fence in the back yard.

I hope it brightens your day....

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