Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fun Shabby Chic Bangles from Old Sheets...A DIY Tutorial...

Easiest Shabby Chic bracelet tutorial....


Start with plastic bangle bracelets and some fabric strips.

These are from old floral sheets from the thrift store.

 These same 4 sheets have fueled other projects I have shown you.

The skirt on this dress form for the garden made from chicken wire...

She looks so pretty in the wildflower strip.

You can read about her (and her friends) here.

Anyway, back to the shabby chic bracelet...

Cut your fabric strips (after they are ripped from the sheet).

Mine were about 6 inches long.

And remove any loose threads.

Then tie them on the bangle.

Just keep tying until the bracelet is full.


Can you believe it?

You could add fun color with some squirts of dye.

Or leave it like it is...

These would be the fastest, easist gift ever...

You can do a your whole list of co-workers in an evening while watching tv.

And I love handmade gifts best.

They would also be a super easy gift for a bridal party....

What are you waiting for?

Go get started.

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