Monday, November 24, 2014

Mason Jar Monday #4 Sweet Treats in a Rosette Snowman Jar

It's that time again....

Today's Mason Jar Monday is simple and sweet.

I used a vintage jar and zinc lid.

I made 3 white muslin rosettes.

My muslin is from thrift store sheets. 

 I buy the ones they call "drop cloths" because of a stain or two....

There are tutorials all over the place for making the rosettes.

Essentially start with a strip of muslin.

  I like torn edges.

Tie a knot on one end.

Start to wrap around the knot and turn it every so often.

For these, I actually stitched them every couple of wraps but you could glue them.

I made them three different sizes: 1 for the head, and 2 for the body.

I stitched all three together.

I added a little strip of stained cheesecloth for the scarf.

I like the ratty bit of primitive it adds...

Then I glued mine on to  the side of the jar.

I only used a couple dots of glue so I can take it off later.

I filled mine with peppermint marshmallows but you can use anything you want.

It would make a great gift or just look great on your counter to hold goodies....

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