Monday, October 6, 2014

First Fall Show

I had my first fall show last weekend.

It's the biggest I do anymore.

Thought I would show you a little bit of the booth.

It was super busy right away Saturday so these photos were actually taken Sunday morning.

I love the sheer curtains.

  I feel like they look a little different than other  booths.

My trunk of pumpkins up front is one of my favorite display pieces. 

 This is the only show I use it for.

It is quite large.

There are all kinds of pumpkins in it...

Sweater pumpkins, burlap pumpkins, fancy pumpkins...

My favorites right now are the fairy tale pumpkins...

So frilly and lacy and fun.

Some have sweet tags added.

Some have a touch of mica glitter for frost on the pumpkin...

There was lots of jewelry.

I love this long wooden tray I found. 

 It looks great with bracelets in it.

I set it on top of the open trunk lid.

fabric, clay, beads, leather...

This wooden tray is filled with washi tape bracelets and rose bangles.

Stamped heart charms  fill a silver pedestal.

I used to have old shutters along the back of the booth side and I hung necklaces on those.

Things got tangled and occasionally the shutters fell or blew over even though they were clamped to the table.

So I changed it up this year.

Necklaces were put individually or in sets on old book covers that were discarded after a book sale.

Then I nestled them in old suitcases.

Trays and other displays held key chains and necklace charms.

In the center of the booth, I tried a couple spinning racks I bought from a fellow crafter last year.

They were perfect for snowmen, jars and such.

The other side of the booth is the primitive country side.

There is some jewelry and such mixed in.

The crates are from a local orchard.

I always have too much stuff to do perfect vignettes in the crates...  


 This spinning card rack was a freebie from a local shop that is no longer open.

It perfectly holds my handmade cards.

I did another show this weekend but it was so cold and windy I did not take any photos.

Luckily, the next two shows are inside.

Thanks for stopping by...

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