Thursday, October 2, 2014

Swap and Tell with Tarnished Royalty

I am loving the concept of Swap and Tell over at Tarnished Royalty.

It is simple, you link an item or service you want to trade and then wait to see if someone wants to swap.

You can ask someone to swap first, of course.

Then you exchange info, and pay your own postage to send the item.

Off it goes.  

You receive the item you agreed to trade for.

Then each of you write a review of the service, product and overall impression of the other shop.

Easy Peasy.

Lucky me...I got to swap with Ann this time from Tarnished Royalty.

Now this is actually like some kind of surreal dream because I am a longtime fan of hers.

She is even sweeter and kinder than I could imagine.

Hard to believe...isn't it?

Her box came right after my first fall show so it was such a nice surprise after such a busy weekend.

I love when the presentation makes you not want to open it....

True story..I just admired it on my dining room table for a full day before I could make myself unwrap this little beauty.

So lovely.

Ann included a lovely handwritten note.

Such a personal touch.

Her business card is just so enchanting...

And while I have loved her style and work for awhile, I was not familiar with that amazing crown on her card....

I love unwrapping something...

all breathless and excited...

 to find another layer of wondering.....

There it is...

The lovely little B necklace.

I am excited to have this sweet little necklace.

It has been a very long time since I had one this length.

I love the robin's egg blue...

One of my favorite colors.

I could not be more pleased with this swap.  

It arrived quickly and was wrapped beautifully.

The quality is first rate.

I had fun poking around Ann's shop at Tarnished Royalty.

I especially liked the Tiara Hat Bands like this one.

Isn't it fabulous?

LOVE it!

Find it here.

I love this necklace as well.

You can go right to the shop for this item.

At her blog she has some amazing tutorials.

I adore when an artist will share how to make something. 

 I think it shows such confidence and  an open heart.

I have to make some of these....

You can too...

And here is the perfect little pearl spider for that web....

I am just enchanted by her style, grace and inner beauty.

Thanks, Ann, for a great trade.

Thanks for stopping by....

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