Friday, September 26, 2014

Craft Lightning 15 Minute Craft..Sweet Pocket Treat Tags

I have long been a fan of Angie at  Country Chic Cottage.

So when I had the chance to sign up to participate in Craft Lightning 15 Minute Halloween crafts with her and Carolina at 30 Minute Crafts, I signed up before I knew what I would be doing.

I had several ideas and finally decided on quick Sweet Pocket Treat Tags.

Start with some cool Halloween papers.

I bought a sweet scrap pack at A.C. Moore last year so I pulled out a few different designs.

I also used my paper cutter and an awesome Tag Punch from Stampin' Up.

Trim your paper into 2 inch wide strips so they will fit in the tag punch.

You can vary the length depending on how deep you would like your pocket.

Punch the tops of your tags.

To be sure everything is straight, be sure to flip it over and check the window on the back.

How cool is that?

One punch and the tag top is ready.

I did several quickly.

I would always rather make multiples of something in a few extra minutes, rather than having to go back and redo steps.

I used my Stampin' Up Simply Scored Scoring board.

I love that thing....

I marked some tags at 2 inches and scored across the bottom there.

Longer strips got scored a little longer.

That way the pocket will be deeper.

I folded over the bottom tab.

I used My Darice Double Sided Permanent Tape roller next.

I carefully ran the tape right along the edge of the tab.

Remember, you want the pocket to be wide enough to actually hold a goodie...

Next is the fun part.

Add whatever stickers or embellishments you love.

I had a handful of old three dimensional Halloween stickers that were perfect.

Stick them on.

Again, I did several in a minute or so.

This next part is fun too...

Find any fun fibers, ribbons and yarns you may have.

This pile has all been picked up this summer while thrifting....

Cut your fibers and add one or more to each tag.

I am loving the brown craft group.

Lastly, add a few treats and goodies.

Air Heads fit.

So do Jolly Rancher sticks.

Even Andes Mints.

For family and people you really like....

Cash might be the best gift of all.

You can easily make several in 15 minutes, just gather supplies first.

I hope you are inspired to make some of your own.

Head over to Craft Lightning for a whole week's worth of fast Halloween crafts.

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