Friday, September 19, 2014

Back Porch Oasis for under $10

I did a quick and easy makeover on our back porch this summer.  

I will be honest...

I did not take a before photo.

There was LOTS of stuff on the porch.

You can use your imagination here.

I spent a day cleaning the porch off...

Putting stuff away...

Wiping things,


(We have carpet on the porch.

Not my choice.)

Once I was done, I wanted to make it a little oasis like the ones you see on Pinterest.

I do not have a Pinterest Designer budget.


I bought 4 panels of sheer drapes from the thrift store for $2 each.

Curtains never go in bags  for "Bag Days" so I have to pay the full price.

You might get luckier at your thrift store...

I had a whole pile of those little drapery hooks my brother gave me with his old curtains.

I found 2 ways to hang them on my porch that did not cost me anything.

I already have a clothesline on my porch along the edge.

So I can hook them right on there like this.

Or I can hook them in the channel under the soffit on the porch with the hooks.

Here are the hooks.

This method has the top of the curtain right against the roof of the porch.

So, I took my husbands suggestion and hooked ours on the clothesline.

That way I can slide them to open or close them easier.

The sheers I bought have weighted bottoms which I like quite a bit.

I used a couple of tie backs from the curtains my brother gave me.

They were free and the size worked around the columns on the porch.

I moved a wicker chair from the sun porch out here to make a nice little reading spot.

I love how those curains make my back porch feel like a trip to an exotic island.

I know...

I have a great imagination...

I highly recommend adding curtains to your outdoor space.

My husband even let me keep them up.

I have to re-fluff them every so often if it is windy.

The tie backs sometimes slide down...

But I love them...

Thanks for stopping by....

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