Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Swap and Tell #6

Last week I linked up to join the Swap and Tell #6 at Tarnished Royalty.

There were lots of great things to choose from but I am crazy about Frozen Charlottes and a long time admirer of Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home so I hoped to swap with her.

She agreed.


I sent her 6 of the Rose bangles made from old sheets that I shared here.

Her box arrived...

In a matter of days...

Don't you love that moment of anticipation when you first open a box?

I actually opened this and then made myself stop to go get the camera so you could see too...

Donna had the perfect mix of safe and pretty packaging.

The plastic bag is a great idea just in case the glass jar would break during shipment.

No worries, though.

It arrived safely.

Such pretty tissue paper.

Just perfect for what is wrapped inside.

The seam binding and beautiful hand stamped tag are removed.

I will use the seam binding for another project. 

 I don't have any of my own in black.

Under the pretty tissue paper was bubble wrap for safety.

On the back of the beautiful tag is a sweet note from Donna.

It only took me a few seconds to dig into this fun jar of goodies.

Lots and lots of lace. 

Three different kinds.

My favorite is the cotton lace.

I know it will take dye or stain beautifully.

Sweet vintage antique buttons in creamy whites.

And that frozen Charlotte of course.

There is so much future fun to be had here.

That jar was packed full of lace.

I collect Charlottes in lots of sizes.

I love them.

I think they are beautiful when added to art pieces.

But I can't bear to actually add them...

so I make molds from them and then make resin and clay Charlottes that I can add without the guilt.

I loved this swap and tell.

I hope Donna is as thrilled as I am.

Her items were beautiful, arrived quickly and were beautifully packaged.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks Donna.

You can see her blog Distressed Donna Down Home.

It is full of gorgeous vintage finds and handcrafted treats.

Or follow her on Pinterest.

Or follow her on Facebook.

And thanks for stopping by...

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