Thursday, October 30, 2014

Christmas Banner in A Mason Jar Gift

Recently I jumped at the chance to do a Mason Jar gift.

I am a long time admirer of Angie from The Country Chic Cottage  and she wanted to do a round up.

I have a passion for mason jars and pick them up every chance I get so I figured this would be easy.

But then I did the typical me thing....

I come up with half a dozen ideas for Mason jar gifts and could not decide on one.

So I am showing you one today and I plan to share one every Monday from now until Christmas in a feature I will call Mason Jar Monday.

Here is today's Jar gift.

A Christmas banner in a jar.

The jar is not the star of the show this time.

The banner is.

It is fast and easy to make.

The perfect gift to make in multiples.

Gather some supplies:

I used an old hymn book from a book sale


a stapler

scrap red paper

some green twine


and a Sharpie marker.

Remove pages from the hymn book and trim the edges.

I cut my pages into roughly fourths.

Then I clipped a triangle out of the bottom of each piece.

I did spend some time in the studio searching for a fast easy way to do letters.

Of course the search took longer than it would have to just get started.

So I decided to just use a marker and do them free hand.

That is more fun anyway.

I used a large flower punch to punch out a few red flowers.

I folded the top of each piece of paper over and stapled it onto some green jute twine.

I stapled the red flowers between the letters and glued a button over the staple.

I spelled Merry Christmas, but you could do any word or phrase you want.

To make the rosette, remove three more pages from the hymn book.

Use the Stampin' Up Simply Scored board to score the paper about every half inch.

Accordian fold the pages.

Fold the pages in half and glue three of them together.

Add another red punched flower to the front and top with a button.

Pile your banner pieces up and stack them so you can slide them in your mason jar.

I used a wide moth quart jar.

I also added two glittered clothespins to hang the banners.

Then I wrapped the lid with more twine.

Glue your rosette to the lid.

If you would like the recipient to be able to use the rosette as a decoration or ornament, do not glue it on.

Instead use sticky dots so it can be removed later.

It would be a special gift to make a family's name and the date they got married or moved into a new house.

You could make sweet first name banners for a child's room or a new baby.

But I made a Christmas banner for this one.

And because I did not have anyplace in my house ready for a christmas banner, I displayed it in the garden.

I love this little woodland vignette outside my shed.

The large piece of slate was from a school house.

It was given to me by a friend of my husband.

The concrete mushroom and planter I made several summers ago.

The tree mushrooms were cut by my husband when a tree blew down in the yard last summer.

Hope you enjoyed my little Mason Jar gift.

Thanks for stopping by...

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