Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Winter Wool Fun

Nothing says "Winter" to me like wool.

I love it and always have.

I just wanted to share a couple recent projects made with my favorite fiber...

These soft wool bangles are a cinch to make.

I used wool yarn and a Nifty Knitter Loom to make them. 

Then I felted them in the washing machine when I did laundry.

A quick tip is to place small items you are felting in a nylon stocking to wash.  

I usually place as many as I can in one stocking and tie a knot between items.

They are so comfortable and would make a great project for Christmas gifts.

I love them as they are but you could fancy them up with some beads and fibers....

Next is one of my favorites..

This sweet little owl bag is a great example of recycling at its finest...

A sweater, some buttons, a belt and wool skirt scraps turned into this...

It is the perfect size for keys, phone and small wallet...

I do sell or give away most of what I make, but every now and then there is something I cannot bear to part with.

This little owl bag is one of those things.

I like this little candle mat too.

The sunflowers were cut from felt and the centers were glued on.

Then I stiffened them with glue, coffee and cinnamon.

Then just a couple quick stitches attached them to the double layer candle mat which actually came from a thrift store skirt.

It is the perfect fall and winter candle mat.

And here is one last woolen treasure.

This primitive owl is also created from thrift store woolens.

I love stitching by hand while watching tv.

It is so relaxing....

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