Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spider Spells Book Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a Spider Spells book for some time.

Actually, I had started the book last summer and recently found it when cleaning.

I just started with a discarded hardcover book with a plain cover.

I hate to cover amazing graphics with paint.

Using my hot glue gun, I wrote "Spider Spells" and drew my spider.

Once it cooled and hardened, I added a second layer on the spider's body for dimension.

And a second layer for the eyes.

If you look close, this fella only has 7 eyes....


A layer of Americana DecoArt Chalky Finish paint in Carbon is added to the front and back.

Because I was dry brushing more color I was not worried about perfect coverage.

I dry brushed some Whisper Chalky Finish paint on also by DecoArt.

I love dry brushing.

I load a bit of paint into the bristles, swirl out most on a paper towel and then work the paint where I want it.

I increase pressure as the paint becomes fainter.

I also gave it a light brushing of Chalky Finish Remembrance.

I love purple and black for Halloween.

I like the outside but thought the pages looked too new.

Time to "drop it in a mud puddle" as my daughter says....

I mixed my witchy aging, cinnamon and hot water...

Looks bubbly amd spooky....

Then a dunked all the pages in the aging bath.

I wiggled it around a bit to make sure all the edges got wet.

Then I took it out and put it on a tray in the sun.

I checked every few hours and fanned pages to get them dry and wrinkled looking.

Now  it makes the perfect accent for Halloween.

It looks great with some spooky spiders and stained cheesecloth.

I think I will make a whole library...

I like spooky but not scary.

This is just right for me... 

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