Monday, June 16, 2014

Studio Reorganization...Making Headway....

So last week I showed you the top of my cupboards. 

They were overflowing with yarn.


I know, scary.

So over the weekend, I got the top of the cupboards looking better.

First, I got all of it down.

I cleaned out a bunch of neat containers...inside and out.

I put a couple dryer sheets in each to make sure they did not start to smell funky.

I sorted the yarn and stuffed those containers full.

Pinks and Purples.


Heavy, thick wool yarn.


Pure wool yarn.

How does someone who does not knit have so much yarn?!

Then I reorganized the tops of the cupboards with the new storage.

These cool suitcases without handles came from a junking trip last week.  

They have a couple small cracks but up there no one will see the damaged parts.

I rolled some burlap bags up and put them on top so I didn't waste any space.

Next I took the mason jars of buttons and gave them a new base.

I used an antique tin tray to corral them in one area.

Underneath I gave the tray support with some scrap wood blocks.

 I had to make sure the next suitcase did not stick out because of the ceiling fan.

This cool old cardboard suitcase was hidden under the dry sink in another part of the studio.

  I like it better here.

More burlap sacks, some dyed burlap and some cool rolls of corrugated paper.


Next is another tray of mason jars.

  There are some zippers and other goodies in these as well as buttons.

Last, but not least is an old blue round suitcase with a tin of buttons on top, an old typewriter case, and a basket I got junking a couple weekends ago.

They are all full of yarn.


Looks better. 

Just another couple photos so you can see the change.

You can see my fair ribbons on the cupboard doors.

Every summer we enter lots of goodies in the county fair....

mostly flowers and herbs...

flower arrangements....

sewing projects....


and art pieces....

It is a ton of fun.

I love my ribbons.

The premiums check usually goes for some sort of fun new supplies.

At one point while I was working on this, my daughter came out and gave me the look that says,

"Why, with this whole mess, are you doing that?"


Because this is a small area that I can see an improvement quickly.

I can also see if from everywhere in the studio so when I feel overwhelmed, it is a glimmer of hope. only see what I show you....

Here is what she sees......


I have some work to do.

  I will show you more later.

Thanks for stopping by.....

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