Saturday, June 14, 2014

Barn Tour....Part 1

I want to take you on a tour of one of my favorite places...

We are lucky enough to live in the country....

Our neighbors own a working dairy farm.  

Part of the farm includes another farm.  

The house is no longer standing.

But the barn is. 

 I love the barn.

This is a tour of the upstairs of the barn.

It is primarily empty, but I think it is a wondrous place.

There is something so magical about the way the sun streams into the hayloft.

Almost spiritual.

I love the architecture and am amazed at the engineering behind the roof.

This is a view into the field from the hay loft.

There are places where the floor is a bit spongy so I stay close to the stairs and just enjoy the moment.

We had such a hard winter.

 My husband and I were worried the roof may not hold.

You can see the holes in the tin.

But she is still standing.

If I won the lottery, I would buy this barn.

I would have her fixed up and turn her into an antique retreat.

A shop. 

A place to hold classes.

And parties.

She would be filled with laughter and love.

The hayloft I would leave open and spacious with a few tables.

Room to dance.

Room to move.

Whenever I am here, I feel the tension leave me.

Actually just looking at the photos does the same thing.

I think about the work that has been done here.

Hot,sweaty work.....

 putting hay up in the heat of the summer.

I imagine the farmer's wife joining him here in the evening after the work is done.

Leaning together, they look out at the land.

  They assess all that they are growing.

The crops.

Their farm.

Their family.

I imagine their kids playing hide and go seek among the stacked bales of hay.

I imagine their daughter, now a young woman, stealing a kiss from her sweetheart here one evening.

This barn has stories she keeps. 

Another time I will show you more of her.

Thanks for stopping by.

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