Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another little corner of the studio....

I am showing you another corner of the studio...

This one was an easy clean up....

Mostly there was just a lot of stuff on the floor.  So now it is all up and away...

I will warn you...

I have so much stuff...

My primary studio style is....


I try to make them neat piles.

But it is really just "piles" none the less.

This is the corner to the left of my garage door.



The shelf hold jewelry and bead supplies.  

The bins hold bangles, headbands and such.

  Then there are lots and lots of bead boxes.

There is also a shelf in the corner with household supplies.

It is, after all, a garage.

Here is a closer look at my jewelry supply shelf.

Bangles and Beads and Magazines...Oh My!

Turning a bit to the left, you can see more storage.
The plastic drawer units above hold supplies:tape, glue, brushes, extra jewelry bits, paper punches, etc...

Then there are all those necklaces and bracelets....

The rack with the hats on top is actually one of those revolving paint racks. 

 If you look closely, you can see the paint under all those chains. 

 I just added some S hooks and hung the chains on those.

Whenever we go to the mall, I check stores for clearance jewelry.

The stuff for a buck or two.

I discovered it's much cheaper than buying chains at the craft store.  

I end up with some cool components.

This is actually a wall mounted tie rack.  

I think it is about as full as it can get.

Some really blingy stuff.

Not really my style but after I take them apart and rework them, they are.

Gotta love the Sombreros to the left.

I bought them for a picture booth at a party.  They live here until the next party.


A little to the left, is my Remington Typewriter and my chalkboard from the pet store in town when it went out of business.

Please disregard the dust.

Again, it is a garage....

That typewriter is heavy.

A dealer at my favorite flea market warned me.

He only charged me $5 because he said it was so heavy.

He said, "For that price, I am not helping you carry it..."

"No problem," I said.

Then I must have made a face when I went to lift it and he quickly offered to help.

I told him I was OK.

I get super powers for lifting and carrying when I am junking.

This chalk board sign still has the special from the pet store on it.

Dwarf hamsters $3.50.

I could not bear to erase it.

It was a part of our town's history.

Many years ago, we bought tons of fish and supplies here.

I sold them baby guinea pigs for awhile.

I miss having a local pet shop.

Ok, no more stalling....

I need to get to work.

Thanks for stopping by.

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