Thursday, June 19, 2014

Barn Tour....Part 2...the Ground Floor

Last week I shared one of my favorite places with you...

My neighbors barn.

Today I wanted to share some photos from the ground floor.

Let's head down from the hay loft...

At the bottom of the stairs is a small livestock room.

A relative got a lot of reclaimed house salvage pieces and stored them here. 

You can see them on the floor.

When you turn around, you can see the stairs to the hayloft that I just came down.

I love the white washed walls...So rustic...

I always end up touching the wood...

Running my hands along the walls and thinking about who else did the same while they were working.

You can see the small stall in this room.

Probably used for pigs.

I think goats would climb out.

Maybe a little donkey.

Looking out the window...

To get to the rest of the barn, we go out here...

There is another door into the barn but is is blocked with doors that relative left.

I love that exterior weathered wood...

I do not have as many pictures of the downstairs because the space is more filled with the reclaimed doors and such.

I love the ceiling and beams.

That white wash is gorgeous.

There is a big open side where the animals could come in.

Our neighbor told me when they bought the farm it was so full of manure the horses could barely walk.  

It was a couple feet deep.

My neighbors worked hard to muck it out.

There are lots of critters that take refuge here...

I find animal skulls and bones.

There are several groundhog holes in the barn floor. 

 Pretty smart groundhogs. 

 Out of the weather...

 very few people actually come here to disturb them....

You can see someone stuck a pillar in one of the holes.

It wasn't me.

I so love this place.

See those cool old hinges?

I am not as limber as I should be so when I try to crawl from area to another it is not a pretty picture.

I do it anyway.

I always take home some sort of treasure...

An old glass bottle.

Some walnut shells.

A rusty bolt.

Someday when this place is gone, I want to remember.

Join me again later when I show you around the outside.

Thanks for stopping by...

Do you have a favorite place?

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