Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Polymer Clay Creations....Work Bench Wednesday

I have been busy playing with clay for the last two months.

Mostly I am obsessed with making the beads.
And Pendants.

When my little compartments get full, I need to start making things from them so I can make more beads.

It's an endless cycle really.

The beads are so gorgeous...
They look like ceramic beads with a glossy gaze.

I previously mentioned that I got the tutorial from Staci Louise Smith here.

Staci Louise Smith's Tutorial

I am in love with her finishing process.
 It has inspired me to experiment and create my own finishes as well. 

Here is her finish:

One of my new ones.

It is sort of a soft, beachy look...

I am thinking of making a tutorial for it...

Anyway, I worked on some pieces this weekend.

Some will go into the Etsy shop....

(as soon as I take photos and do listings)

Some have been created for Stringing magazine and will be on their way to their offices by the end of the week.

Hopefully you will be seeing those later on the news stand....

Thanks for stopping by....

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