Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Studio Victory!

I am celebrating each clean surface in the studio....

Here is a look at the latest.

My work table.....

Is clean!

Well, as clean as it gets for me....

I added my scrap ribbon/fiber basket and a bin of bracelets I am working on...

I love this little cupboard...

I finally have a place to store some things I am always using....

 My RIT Dyes which I use a lot for my  RIT Dyesigner Studio.

My larger punches which take up too much space in my card catalog drawers or just plain don't fit.

You can see these are the big ones.

  My home made Alcohol inks  sprays which I plan to do a tutorial on later....

If you look next to the alcohol ink sprays, you can see those little vintage tins from this post fit perfectly here.
Above the alcohol inks, there is some ribbon.

I have lots of ribbon.
And fibers.
And yarn.

I try to squeeze it in wherever I have space.

I love to slide the spools on tension curtain rods.

All in all, I think it is the perfect little storage solution and it takes up less than 6 inches on the table top.

The table itself has a quilt top I got at my favorite flea market a couple summers ago.  

I put it down on the table and then just covered it with a thick piece of clear vinyl. 

 Spills, paint, dust and glitter all just wipe right off.

One last look.


Getting ready for Where Bloggers Create 2014...

Only a couple weeks away!

Thanks for stopping by....

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