Friday, August 28, 2015


One color I almost never use exclusively in designs is red.

I am not sure why.

I love red.

Red cars, red accents, red birds...

This necklace and bracelet set uses scarlet beads and wood beads with leather.

Oh, and a tiny bit of bling.

It is also a fun way to play with knotting and design.

The necklace is strung on waxed linen cord first.

The leather cord is added as a design element afterwards.

My handmade wire components are perfect for this design.

I like the wooden beads too.

I guess I just love natural components.

I made a little triple strand bracelet to go with it.

It is also strung on waxed linen thread first and then the leather cord elements are added.

One challenge I always face when making jewelry is to make it smaller.

I have large wrists, so to fit me it needs to be big.

For most everyone else, I have to make it too small for me.

This one is like that.

Too small for me.

Perfect for someone  else.

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