Saturday, August 15, 2015

Needle Felted Bunny

So how cute is this bunny?

Pretty cute, right?

He started with one of those needle felting kits.

I love those.  

They come with a mold.

After you make the front and back, you just felt them together.

When you finish your bunny, you can make more bunnies.

Since you already have the mold, you just need to purchase more wool roving.

You can make a bunny any color you want.

I love this brown roving the bunny came with.

I like the way he turned out but I think I was hoping for a more natural bunny.

Like a real bunny.

This one is like a cartoon bunny.

Still, he is a cute bunny.

I felted him much better than the dog I made last year.

This bunny is very firm.

He fetched a second place ribbon at the fair...

Yay, bunny!

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