Saturday, August 29, 2015

2 Tiered Nest Display from a Tomato Cage

I have some wild grapes that grow in my yard.

I decided to re-make a project I did about 15 years ago.

Inspiration came from a magazine from the time called Country Business.

It was for shop owners and had lots of wholesale companies, display ideas, and business advice.

They had a display piece made from a tomato cage and grapevines.

The first one used grapevines from my neighbors. 

 They ripped out all their grapes and I hauled the vines to my yard.

By the time I did the project, the vines were stiff and I had to soften them by soaking them in buckets of water.

This time I was smarter.

I picked them fresh and stripped the leaves right away to use them the same day.

Next I dug an old tomato cage out of the greenhouse.

It is a bit wonky.

I don't mind. 

 I can just bend it and straighten it out.

I spray painted the tomato cage black.

Next I practice being a bird.

Let me tell you, they are amazing.

It is not as easy as you think.

I turned the cage upside down  so the top circle now rests on the table as the base.

I wove the grapevine in the  next circle.

Because the vines are fresh, this was SOOOO much easier than 15 years ago.

I love the little curly tendrils.

I basically used the whole pile I showed you at first to do this one nest.

You can see how the top wires are curled over.

Bottom nest...done.

Now for the top nest.

It is the same process.  

Just weaving and winding and wrapping.

I love this now that it is done.

You can use it to hold anything...

I love it.

Thanks for stopping by....

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