Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Workbench Wednesday: Canning Lid Ring Pumpkins

Inspired by a canning ring pumpkin I saw  in Mary Jane's Farm magazine, I decided to try my own.

Pen N Paper Flowers made a fabulous white version with book page strips added.

I bought a couple dozen mason jar rings at the flea market and set off to make myself a pumpkin.

I followed her directions and tied together about 2 dozen rings.

Then I spray painted them....

That did not work out. 

 I had to keep moving and respraying them, many, many times.

So I cut my string that was holding them together and repainted each one separately.

This was actually much faster, easier, and used less paint.

I did some with white paint and a few with ivory paint I had leftover from another project.

Ready for the next step...

Gluing on the book strips.

This took forever. 

Each lid needed more than one strip.

For my wide mouth lids, each ring needed 2 1/2 book strips.

Each pumpkin has 24-25 rings.

Once the strips were all glued on, I used cotton twine to tie them all together into a ring.

Then I cut a piece of a log about 3-4 inches long.

I glued it to the top of my pumpkin and covered the glue with spanish moss.

I also turned it over and added extra glue underneath to reinforce it and then used Spanish moss to cover the glue there as well.

I do love the way it turned out.  I am sure the other rings are on their way to becoming fall decor as well.

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