Monday, August 3, 2015

Outdoor Candle Holder DIY Makeover

A couple years ago, I bought this candle holder at the thrift store.

I knew I would do something with it for an outside DIY project, but I did not know what.

I recently decided it was time.

I gave it a couple light coats of pretty spray paint.

I often use an old bucket turned upside down out in the grass to elevate the item I am painting.

Next I took a solar light from the store.

I removed the base and the clear plastic.

I covered the lightbulb with painter's tape.

And I cut a piece of painter's tape to fit on the solar panel on the top.

I gave the solar light a  couple of light coats of spray paint as well.

I used some electrical tape to wrap the solar light so it would fit snugly into the candle holder.

Then I scuffed it gently with some sandpaper to give it the look of wear.

I was not crazy about it all black or all painted, but I do like the scuffed look.

All done.

Now I need to find where to put it....

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