Saturday, August 1, 2015

What Was Once A Gourd...

I have a friend that grows pumpkins and gourds and sells them from a wagon in the fall.

At the end of the season, she dries the leftover gourds on pallets.

Recently, we got together to try to make something from the gourds.

Here is my little creation.

Like any project, it gets there in stages.

First I glued on pinecone petals for shingles.

I used Gilders' Paste to color the house white.

Once dry, I buffed it.

Then I made a little door and windows from Sculpey clay.

I'll be honest...

I loved the clay accents but hated how you could see the hot glue in the shingles.

And I wanted to add window boxes with flowers.

My attempts at adding little dried flowers looked goofy.

I love the shingles...

But the glue...

Not so much.

So I did some thinking for a week.

Then I got to work adding the final touches....

Polymer flowers and vines.

And "moss" for the roof.


It was perfect.

My husband suggested just heating the glue and adding the flocking.

Worked like a charm.

I heated a small section with my heat gun and used a brush to add the flocking while the glue was hot.

It looks intentional...

It added the perfect touch and covered imperfections...

The flowers and vines were built onto the already baked windows and then baked again.

Once finished, I glued all the pieces onto the gourd and gave it a bark base.

A tiny twiggy broom leans by the door.

I glued moss at the base to cover where the gourd is glued onto the bark.

I love how whimsical it is...

I even added tiny polymer flowers in a little wicker basket.

What a perfect fairy dwelling...

Have you ever made something that just makes you so happy?

I seldom keep the things I make but I think this one is staying...

Thanks for stopping by....

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