Friday, August 14, 2015

Starting an Art Journal...

Last year I decided I wanted to start an art journal.

I traded on Etsy for a set of old medical encyclopedias.

They were exactly what I wanted for my journal.

I went through and tore out pages for tabs so I will be able to add lots of goodies.

I glued the other pages together where I wanted to to make the pages stronger.

I gessoed a few pages.

And then it sat.


So this summer I got it out.

I started to play with a few pages.

Are they great?


But I love it.

Each page is a chance to play and experiment.

This is my first art journal so there will be lots of bad pages as I learn my style.

I am ok with that.

After these pages were photographed, I actually added more.

I think I like them better here.

Live and learn.

I have never really been a stencil person but I am trying it out in here.

I like the layering.

I used DecoArt Media Misters...

Man, are they awesome.

Such rich, saturated color in a spray.

I have been known to make my own spray alcohol inks but they are a lighter series of color.  

It can be good.

But so are these misters from DecoArt.

I have a feeling that this first journal is going to be a series of experiments.

I am ok with that.

If I am not liking the page, I can gesso over it and start again or just go to the next page and see how it goes.

Have you ever done an art journal?

I will show you pictures every now and then so you can see how it is going...

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