Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ahhh...the Country Life...

 Hard to believe it has been almost a week since I posted.


Sorry about that.

It was one of those weeks that was both a fast forward and a slow motion week.

Our county fair started last week so the two weeks leading up to it were a whirlwind of busy, trying to get submissions done.

We dropped off our submissions this weekend and then drove right from there to see family for the weekend.

Had a great time but when I got home, I just sort of tuckered out.

Lost the wind in my sails and just could not get a direction.

Has that ever happened to you?

So this is my flock.

I tried to take photos when I let them out of their pen one night.

They move fast when they get out...

Eating bugs and grass.

Taking a dust bath.

Just exploring.

Most pictures are blurry from the flurry of movement.

They love getting out in the evenings.

In winter we keep them in their enclosure because they don't like the snow anyway.

They still get lots of fresh air from their little courtyard but they do not run around the yard.

They squawk when it is time to fly down from the nesting box in the morning because they don't want their little feet to touch the snow.

Silly Birds.

When I let them out in the evening, there are always one or two feeling broody in the nesting box.  

I pick each hen up and hold her until she cools a little and wants to fly down.

Then I gather the eggs.

After the broody girls walk around a little bit, they return to the nesting box.

This is Emma and Agent C (from Phineas and Ferb).

This is Sally (short for salad).  

Most of them are named after Chicken dishes...

Chicken Salad= Sally.

Chicken Barbeque= BeeBee

Chicken Fajita= Fay

Chicken Patty= Patty

Fried Chicken= Fred

I know, it is weird.

  We don't eat them.

They are egg producing pets.

Here is Fred, from the 2 new chicks this year.

Yup, he's a rooster.

So far, so good with Chester, the other rooster.

 And here is Frick, the other new chick.

I have the most pictures of them.

  They imprinted on us so they think the humans are their flock.

Frick and Fred are Araucanas.

Frick should lay green or blue eggs.

All the Bantam hens lay little white to tan eggs.

It will be exciting the first time we find a blue one.

I am going to try to get back on track with my posts.

Thanks for stopping by....

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