Sunday, February 8, 2015

Grubby Snowman Ornaments

Are you keeping up with the ornament ideas I am sharing each month?

Not to worry...

I will do a great round up post before Christmas in case you have missed any.

Today is a sweet Grubby  Country Snowman.

Believe it or not, this little guy starts with a couple white pom poms.

Use a glue gun to glue three together in a snowman shape.

Paint a toothpick orange.

Snip off the end and glue it in the top pom pom for a nose.

Add two black beads for eyes with the glue gun as well.

Mix some white school glue, water, strong coffee and ground cinnamon.

Put on a pair of latex or vinyl gloves to protect your hands.

Roll the snowman around in the glue mixture and sqeeze it into the pom poms.

Squeeze to remove excess glue.  

Lay on a plastic tray to dry.  

I usually wait overnight and then turn them and let the last side dry completely.

Tie a little strip on for a scarf and glue a button on as well.

For the string hanger, I use crochet thread and a needle to pass the string through the snowman's head.

I cut the string and tie a knot.

I also make a variation with one large pom pom.

It makes a cute snowman head ornament.

The nose is made from orange Sculpey clay this time and the eyes are bigger half round eyes.

I add a little garland around some for a halo.

I use the same method to add the string to hang it.

I usually make a whole pack of pom poms at a time.

I just change the details for each one.

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