Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Felt Snowman Ornaments

Remember I wanted to share a couple ornaments with you each month?

These little hand-stitched felt snowmen are the perfect little project when it is cold outside.

Just think, an evening of stitching while watching your favorite movie will leave you with several cute snowmen for Christmas 2015.

You will need:

felt (I used white, orange and a pale blue)
a circle to trace in the size you want (a glass, small plate, bowl)
thread (I love using cotton crochet thread)
a needle

Trace and cut out two circles.

Cut a carrot nose shape from the orange felt.

Stich the eyes and nose to one of the circles.

Blanket stitch the circle.

Before closing, stuff with a little bit of poly-fill stuffing.

Finish stitching closed.

Add a loop of thread for your hanger.

The next little guy is similar.

Use two pieces of the light blue felt for your circles.

Trace a white circle and trim away some of it so the blue felt shows along the one edge.

Stitch and stuff as described before.

I ususally do things in steps.

I trace all my pieces.

Cut out all my pieces.

Lay the pieces for each ornament together .

Then I sit down to start stittching.

I love hand sewing.

 I find it very relaxing...

It is perfect for this time of year when it is so cold outside.

Thanks for stopping by...

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