Saturday, February 14, 2015

Redware Polymer Clay Jewelry

Sculpey has a terra cotta clay that they sell in bigger boxes.

I actually buy the large 8 pound box to work with.

It has a different look than traditional polymer clay.

You can change it even more depending on how you finish it.

I want to share a few of them here.

This necklace actually incorporates beads with a variety of finishes and looks.

These heart links are so easy  to make and I love the look.

The spiral focal has an unusual look.

It was accidental.

There were salt crystals still on the piece after dying and it reacted with the crackle step.

I probably would not intentionally replicate it but I know how to if I want to.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I have used beads to make this style bracelet a few times before.

To me, they are simplicity balanced perfectly with style.

Each bead is even more beautiful close up.

Some pieces do not string as easily.

This necklace uses wire links to join the components.  

It is rustic and artistic.

The sharks tooth is an homage to my daughter.

The shark tooth pieces were made from molding a real shark tooth.

The terra cotta clay takes word stamping so beautifully.

The Time to Love piece had mixed finishes as well.

Do you have a favorite?

Mine changes from time to time.

It depends on my mood.

I generally love the dark, almost black, pieces.

I tend to hoard my scavenged time pieces.

When I make my own, I can use them as often as I like.

The last bracelet I am going to show you has components that were just sealed and not antiqued or aged.

One box of clay with numerous looks.

Does it make you want to go get some?

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