Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flower Bead Necklace

This post originally appeared on Darice's blog Live. Love. Craft.
 This versatile bohemian piece uses waxed linen cord and some amazing ceramic, metal and stone beads from Darice.


Begin your DIY necklace by unwrapping a length of cord that stretches about 6 feet.

 Fold it in half.

Pass the folded end through the smaller side of the S hook.

 Pass the two cord ends through the loop and pull tight.

For extra strength, repeat this step.

 Slide one black stone bead onto one of the waxed cord strands.

I pull the center cord tight and then wrap the outside cord along the bead and then tie an overhand knot.

Because the silver bead is next and has a larger hole, tie another overhand knot to make it too big to go through the bead hole. 

Next thread a silver bead onto both waxed cord strands and tie an overhand knot.
Tie another knot on top of the first.

 Slide one black stone bead onto one of the waxed cord strands.

 Repeat knotting process for black bead.

To thread a red ceramic flower bead on next, pass each end of the thread through the hole but come in from opposite sides.

After they go through the center, tie an overhand knot on the other side of the flower bead.

Repeat the directions so the pattern continues: black bead, silver bead, black bead, red flower bead.

Continue until the beads are all used or the cords are about 4-5 inches long.

 Once you have 4-5 inches of cord left, you can tie the silver ring to the cord ends by threading the cord through the loop and tying overhand knots tightly.

Trim ends. 

To add extra length if needed, you may add several silver jump rings.

This DIY necklace uses three of the methods I use most often for knotting beads with waxed linen cord: 

both stands through,
 one strand through, 
and crisscross through the center.

 With these basics mastered, you can use them as the beads demand or your imagination requires.

Have fun and enjoy!
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