Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sweet Mini Ornaments for Your Littlest Trees

I love sweet little trees at Christmas time.

The tiny little ones that can dress up any space...

a bookshelf





 or counter top.

I love to make tiny ornaments for these little trees.

They are the perfect size and they do not get lost on a larger tree.

I wanted to share just a couple that you can whip together quick before Christmas.

My daughter made these.

She started with little clear ornaments from the dollar store.

She filled them with little beads and little strips of rolled paper.

  It is fast and easy work with a slotted quilling tool.

Here are my little acorn top nests.

I take a small piece of copper wire and bend it in half and twist to make the hanger.

I stick the ends inside the acorn cap, add some hot glue, spanish moss and whole allspice.


They make a really cute little woodland fairy ornament.

And last for today is my little flannel acorn.

Cut a circle from fabric.

I used the base of a glass for size.

Sew a running stitch along the edge.

Add a wee bit of polyfil stuffing.

Pull closed and tie off.

To make the hanger, cut a piece of copper wire and twist to make a loop.

Drill a little hole in the acorn cap.

Stick the ends of the wire through the hole and bend them out inside the cap to hold.

Glue the sewn side of the fabric acorn into the cap.

I did all the same fabric for mine this time, but I think I may do a whole tree full in fun co-ordinating prints.

Hope you have a minute to make a few...

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