Friday, December 26, 2014

Bleached pinecones

I am certainly not the first to bleach pinecones.

Nor will I be the last...

In fact, I encourage you to give it a go yourself.

All you need are

a bucket

The first time I tried this, my bleach mixture was too weak.

I added about 1 cup to the gallon bucket of water and let them soak overnight

When they opened and dried, they were just a bit lighter.

So I tried it again with about a gallon of water and half a bottle of bleach.

I also let them soak several days.

I just dump mine out in the rocks next to our sidewalk. 

 I don't mind if it kills anything growing there.

Then I let them drain a bit.

I take them in the house on a tray or plastic box lid and put them in our sun room with the woodstove.

Because they were completely saturated, they took a couple days to fully open and dry.

But once open, they were lovely.

My favorite beauty is natural beauty.

The natural symmetry of nature is fascinating...

These pine cones will be perfect for some upcoming projects...

Some of these had a light  coating of white spary paint before I started.

The next time I make these, I will probably do a much stonger bleach solution.

I think they will bleach faster and whiter that way.

I can't wait to show you what I use them for.

In the background you can see my Chalkboard Tote from this summer is ready for the Holly-days...

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