Monday, December 29, 2014

Stiffened Fabric Snowmen Ornaments

Now that Christmas is over, I realized I still had lots of ornaments I never got a chance to share with you.

I don't want to wait until next year...

So I decided to share a couple each month throughout the year.

  If you make a few with me each time, we will both have enough for gifts and tree decorating come December 2015.

Today I want to share some stiffened fabric snowmen.

They are perfect for this time of year.

I start by cutting circles and ovals from a variety of fabrics.

Then I mix white glue, a strong coffee mixture, and some ground cinnamon.

I wear latex gloves and dip each piece of fabric in the glue mixture.

Make sure it is completely saturated with the mixture.

Then I squeeze it out and flatten it out.

I lay it on a tray to dry.

Then the fun begins...

This fellow is made from white felt.

He gets a cinnamon stick nose, button eyes and a piece of garland for a halo.

To hang, he has a twirled piece of rebar wire.

The next little fellow is made from a scrap of old bedspread.

His nose is a scrap of orange felt.

Cheesecloth serves as a raggedy scarf.

He also has a twisted wire hanger but it is more of a spiral.

This little guy had his nose glued on before I stained and stiffened him.

It gives him a different look.

He is also made from Warm and Natural cotton batting.

Little half-round eyes, blush cheeks and a scrap of homespun give him his look.

For the hanger, I just glued a piece of twine to the back of the circle.

I am always amazed how changing an element can change the snowman's whole personality.

A different shaped base, varied buttons and homespun in different colors and patterns can change the whole look of him or her.

These are a quick and easy craft.

One you could easily do with children.

I think they would love squeezing out the gooey glue.

The fabric buttons give this guy a different look at well.

Changing the angle of the nose makes quite a difference.

Whether you have snow where you are now or not, I hope you feel inspired to make some little snowfolk of your own.

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