Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dyed Pine Cone Mini Trees

I recently showed you how I dyed pine cones with RIT dye.

You can see how here.

I used some of these pinecones to make some cute little mini trees for Christmas.

These would look great in a vignette....

As a package topper....

Or nestled in the branches of your tree.

They are supper fast and easy.

I added a wooden block to each as a base.

I got a whole bag of these at the flea market this summer.

I think someone's puppy may have played with them before I bought them.

I don't mind...

Adds a little charm...

Just use a hot glue gun to add one little pom pom to each petal of the pine cone.

Add a star to the top.

Mine is a little distressed white tin star.

One of the pinecones was sort of wonky.

He sits a little askew.

The white one could be out all winter...

If you used tacky glue instead of hot glue, this would be kid-friendly.

What a fun little craft.

Thanks for stopping by.....

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